Cheyenne Mountain State Park Trails

There are 16 trails, totaling 20 miles, traversing different eco-systems providing a great variety of views and experiences for hikers and bikers. Trails range from short and easy to long and moderate. The park map provides a nice overview of the trail system. Please, due to this fragile eco-system, no pets, horses or smoking is permitted on the trails, visitors are encouraged to report interesting wildlife sightings.


Acorn Alley Trail:
0.53 miles of easy hiking or biking along a gentle slope on a universally accessible pathway. This trail circles North of the campgrounds.

Blackmer Loop Trail:
3.52 miles of moderate trail with moderate elevation gain. A park staff favorite because of great pines and rock gardens along the way. Visitors can even view a stunning pine growing out from a boulder.

Bobcat Way Trail:
0.40 mile of easy, gentle slope. Lying to the North of the campgrounds, it can be linked with Acorn Alley and Soaring Kestrel trails to add length and variety.

Boulder Run Trail:
A one-mile moderate trail with some elevation gain offering a nice view of park open space and the Limekiln Valley, an active wildlife corridor.

Coyote Run Trail:
A 1.37 miles of easy to moderate, gentle sloping interpretive trail that’s close to the visitor’s center. Great for a learn-as-you-go experience, a great horned owl has been spotted here. Let the visitor’s center know if he appears on your journey.

Cougars Shadow Trail:
A 0.85-mile, moderate, thick forest and nicely shaded single-track trail ideal for mountain bikes.

Little Bear:
A 0.1-mile easy, flat connection trail near a prairie dog town. Take time and enjoy watching the cute mini-critters who like to stand up on their hind legs and peer at passers by.

Medicine Wheel:
A 0.5 mile moderate, single-track perfect for mountain biking. Among other creatures, a tarantula –rare for this elevation–was spotted here.

Raccoon Ridge Trail:
A 0.55 easy gentle slope of a trail that leads to the Camper Services building and circles around Swift Puma Campground.

A 2.64 miles moderate trail with increasing elevation gain, it begins as a prairie hike and traverses through the scrub oak to the montane. Vegetation and views change along the way, so there’s no chance to get bored, only inspired.

Talon North:
A 1.60 miles moderate trail of some elevation gain with an amazing overlook. This makes a great “AHA” moment after a nice hike or ride.

Talon South:
A 0.98-mile moderate trail with a gentle slope among lush vegetation and the trail bisects a large rock fin before looping south through interesting terrain.

Soaring Kestral:
A 1.82 miles moderate trail with some elevation gain, along scrub oak marked with an interpretive sign and nice valley views.

A 3.29 easy, mostly flat trail with minor elevation gain. Great for fitness training, the trail runs through a prairie dog town, so watch out; these cute critters are watching too.

Turkey Trot:
A 0.46 easy, mostly flat trail that connects with other trails on the valley floor, so easy, a turkey could do it.

Zook Loop:
A 1.03 easy, mostly flat trail that connects with several trails. It leads to “The Rock Garden,” which is a great place to sit and enjoy the wonders of nature.”