Fire Mitigation Work Schedule

2020 Fire Mitigation Workdays Schedule Coming Soon.

IMPORTANT!: All new and prospective volunteers at Cheyenne Mountain State Park must complete the Volunteer Application on the website of the State Park. Within the application, you may select multiple areas of volunteer interest. To be connected with the Cheyenne Mountain State Park Fire Mitigation crew lead, Ralph Cadwallader, please indicate this within the Interests listing. You may also contact Ralph directly at

February 2014 -Clearing 405 feet of fence line.

by Ralph Cadwallader, Fire/Fuel Mitigation Crew Leader (

All Fire/Fuel Mitigation Crew Members:

We are all looking forward to 2019 as another great year for fire/fuel mitigation at Cheyenne Mountain State Park. This will be the sixth year for volunteers to have a crew dedicated to the CMSP fire/fuel mitigation effort.

The existing fire/fuel mitigation crew eagerly welcomes new recruits, and look forward to sharing the fun and satisfaction of making the park a safer place fire wise for us all to enjoy.
We typically meet at the Maintenance Facility at the “top of the park”. Mitigation Days will typically start at 8:30AM or 9:00AM, depending on time of year and weather. End times are scheduled typically at 2:30PM. The Fire/Fuel Mitigation schedule will be posted online at A hard copy of the schedule may also be found at the CMSP Visitors Center. Being a member of the Fire/Fuel Mitigation crew, you will receive emails announcing upcoming work days requesting your confirmation if you will be able to attend.
On work days, please wear/bring long pants, sturdy work boots/shoes, gloves, eye protection, plenty of water and a snack or lunch. Depending on the weather, consider rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellant, a hat, and a jacket.

If you are interested in joining the Fire/Fuel Mitigation crew, please complete the Volunteer Application form on the State Park website, or contact Jeanette Lara at  The crew is always lead by trained experienced crew leaders.

                                           2019 Fire/Fuel Mitigation Schedule

Wed. Mar 6 8:30-1:30
Tue. Mar 12 8:30-1:30
Thu.Mar 14 8:30-1:30
Mon. Mar 18 8:30- 2:00
Tue. Mar 26 8:30-2:00
Sat. Mar 30 8:30-2:00
Fri. Apr 5 8:30-2:00
       Wed. Apr 10 8:30-2:00
       Tue. Apr 16 8:30-2:00
       Thu. Apr 18 8:30-2:00
       Mon. Apr 22 8:30-2:00
       Tue. Apr 30 8:30-2:00
       Fri. May 10 8:00-2:00
       Wed. May 15 8:00-2:00
       Tue. May 21 8:00-2:00
       Thu. May 23 8:00-2:00
       Mon.May 27 8:00-2:00
       Tue. June 4 7:30-1:30
       Wed. June 19 7:30-1:30
Tue. June 25 7:30-1:30
       Thu. June 27 7:30-1:30
       Mon. July 1 7:30-1:30
       Tue. July 9 7:30-1:30
       Sat. July 13 7:30-11:30
       Fri. July 19 7:30-1:30
       Wed. July 24 7:30-1:30
       Tue.July 30 7:30-1:30
       Tue. Aug 13 7:30-1:30
       Sat. Aug 17 7:30-1:30
       Wed. Aug 21 7:30-1:30
       Tue. Sep 17 8:00-2:00
       Sat. Sep 21 8:00-2:00
       Fri.Sep 27 8:00-2:00
       Wed. 2 8:30-2:00
       Mon. Oct. 14 8:30-2:00
       Tue. Oct 22 8:30-2:00
       Sat. Oct 26 8:30-2:00
**Additional days may be scheduled depending on priorities and needs.