2018 Trail Crew Schedule

Cheyenne Mountain State Park
To All Current and Potential Trail Crew Members:

We are looking forward to this upcoming season and hope to see some of the “Old Dogs,” as well as a whole crop of eager new pups. This will be the twelfth year for this program, and we truly believe it is essential to the health and well-being of our trail system.

For some of us, we’ve got an exciting new challenge to which we can look forward. That is the opportunity to expand from our typical maintenance of existing trails and continue the cutting of new trail as we expand the Dixon Trail to the top of Cheyenne Mountain. As you’ve probably heard, negotiations with the landowner are finally in place and we do expect to finish this project by late fall at the latest.

Especially for new recruits, our Trail Crews primarily perform routine maintenance on the 20 miles of our existing trail system. That can mean anything from pruning overhanging greenery to cleaning and re-building erosion control devices. That means we accept all interested parties(under 15 must be accompanied by an adult) who have an interest in working outdoors.

We typically meet at the Visitors Center. Trail Day start times vary from 7:00AM to 10:00AM, depending on time of year and weather. End times are generally between 2:00 to 3:00PM. Trail Evening times are 5:00 till dark. Check the online calendar for current dates and times. Once you are on our crew list, you will also be contacted weekly by one of our trail crew coordinators.

If you are interested in helping on a trail crew, and haven’t already registered, contact Senior Ranger Darcy Mount at darcy.mount@state.co.us. Our crews are led by experienced crew leaders.

On work days, please wear long pants, sturdy work shoes, and work gloves, and bring rain gear, sun-screen, insect repellant, eye-protection, and plenty of water. Bring a lunch and/or snack on trail days.

Jack Busher (co.jbusher@gmail.com)
Warren Pierce (warrenlpierce@msn.com)
Trail Crew Coordinators


Mon. Mar 26 8:30-2:00
Wed. Mar 28 8:30-2:00

Sat. Apr 7 8:30-2:00
Mon. Apr 9 8:30-2:00
Sat. Apr 14 8:30-2:00
Mon. Apr 16 5:00-7:30
Wed. Apr 18 8:30-2:00
Tues. Apr 24 8:30-2:00
Fri. Apr 27 8:30-2:00
Tues. May 1 8:00-2:00
Fri. May 4 8:00-2:00
Mon. May 7 8:00-2:00
Sat. May 12 8:00- 2:00
Wed. May 16 5:00-7:00
Fri. May 18 8:00-2:00
Tues. May 22 8:00-2:00
Thur. May 24 5:00-7:00
Sat. May 26 8:00-2:00
Tues. May 29 8:00-2:00
Thur. May 31 5:00-7:00
Sat. June 2 7:30-1:30
Mon. June 4 7:30-1:30
Wed. June 6 5:00-Dark
Sat. June 9 7:30-1:30
Tues. June 12 7:30-1:30
Thur. June 14 7:30-1:30
Mon. June 18 5:00-Dark
Fri. June 22 7:30-1:30
Tues. June 26 5:00-Dark
Sat. June 30 7:30-1:30
Mon. July 2 7:30-1:30
Thur. July 6 7:30-1:30
Wed. July 11 7:30-11:30
Sat. July 14 7:30-1:30
Tues. July 17 7:30-1:30
Wed. July 18 5:00-Dark
Fri. July 20 7:30-1:30
Tues. July 24 7:30-1:30
Sat. July 28 7:30-1:30
Mon. July 30 5:30-Dark
Wed. Aug 1 7:30-1:30
Fri. Aug 3 7:30-1:30
Mon. Aug 6 7:30-1:30
Tues. Aug 7 5:00-Dark
Sat. Aug 11, 7:30-1:30  
Mon. Aug 13 7:30-1:30
Wed. Aug 15 7:30-1:30
Aug 16-19
Tues. Aug 21 7:30-1:30
Aug 23-26
Tues. Aug 28 7:30-1:30
Fri. Aug 31 7:30-1:30
Wed. Sept 5 5:00-Dark
Sat. Sept 8 7:30-1:30
Tues. Sept 11 7:30-1:30
Sat. Sept 15 7:30-1:30
Tues. Sept 18 7:30-1:30
Fri. Sept 21 7:30-1:30
Mon. Sept 24 7:30-1:30
Sat. Sept 29 7:30-1:30
Oct. 2 8:30-2:00
Fri. Oct. 5 8:30-2:00
Tues. Oct 9 5:00-Dark
Mon. Oct 15 8:30-2:00
Wed. Oct 17 5:00-Dark
Tues. Oct 23 8:30-2:00
Sat. Oct 27 8:30-2:00
Wed. Oct 31 8:30-2:00

Special Event:
The final two weekends of August, either Aug 16-19 or Aug 23-26 are expected to be the final push on the Dixon Trail Build. We expect RMFI to let us know soon which of these is the actual date. Stay tuned!

**Additional days may be scheduled depending on priorities and needs

Green=Dixon Trail Days
Blue=Sponsored Projects