Volunteer for Park

If you’re a prospective (new) volunteer, the volunteer program benefits both you and our park in a number of ways.
Many of the opportunities include the chance to learn new skills.
You can add your own personal preferences and identify the programs you wish to            work with.
If you are interested in a particular program, please make sure to select appropriate park programs of interest on your application.
Our Volunteer training programs are held monthly at our Volunteer meetings and we have amazing Volunteer social events. Our formal Volunteer Training is held each Spring, we will be announcing the dates this Winter. Many of our 2014 Volunteers are spending time with many of the more experienced volunteers this Summer assessing what direction of opportunity they wish to pursue. A majority of the Park Programs are created and presented by our Volunteers.

You may complete a volunteer application by completing the form below. It can be accessed by clinking on the link below. Please either mail or email to:
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Attn: Jeanette Lara
410 JL Ranch Heights
Colorado Springs, CO 80926
This application link will take you to Colorado Parks and Wildlife application.
Volunteer Application