CMSP Trail Dogs

CMSP Trail Dogs 2023 Wrap Up

2023 was an extremely busy year for CMSP’s Trail Dog crews. Record breaking rainfall and widely fluctuating temperatures caused significant damage to CMSP trails and caused significant delays in trail maintenance efforts. BUT – the dedication, extreme expertise, passion, and patience of the CMSP Trail Dog volunteers conquered nearly every trail maintenance nightmare – I mean challenge – in 2023.

Below is a list of just some of the accomplishments of 2023’s Trail Dog crews:

  • 127 Rolling Grade Dip builds or rebuilds
  • 148 Drain builds or rebuilds
  • 36 Check Dam/Rock Water Bar/Step builds/rebuilds
  • 9 Trail Grade Reversal builds
  • 1 Rock Wall
  • 5000+ ft Tread Repair/Reroute (mostly erosion issues)
  • 7+ miles Corridor Clearing
  • Several trail hazard/safety issue “fixes”

Needless to report that our 2023 CMSP Trail Dogs were amazing!!!!